The Challenge   Living is an adventure and brings constant change and transition.   Some enjoy the adventure and some dread it, but we all experience it.  Living Perspectives seeks opportunities to serve in two specific areas:

  • Individuals, couples or organizations with transition issues, including relationships, spiritual awareness, career, marriage, personal or business success.
  • Individuals in impoverished situations looking for upward mobility.

Our Purpose   Living Perspectives, in response to God’s command to serve those in need, exists to encourage and effect positive transition in the lives of people who seek to change and desire to improve their status.

School built in Ethiopia for children in extreme poverty

School built in Ethiopia for children in extreme poverty

Our Mission    To mentor, educate and provide faith-based insights to individuals, couples and organizations resulting in positive transition. To train and equip others worldwide to fulfill the LP Purpose Statement.

Those seeking direction are served regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs. All individuals with poverty of spirit, finances, emotions and hope are candidates for compassionate service.

Homeless men...needed -- spiritual counselors

Homeless men…needed — spiritual counselors

Experience  We have been privileged to see dramatic results since our founding 35 years ago.  International ministry has led us to Mexico, Romania, Poland and Ethiopia.  We have brought hope  and spiritual awareness to homeless men  through mentoring, career direction, faith building and relationship development for 13 years..  Providing personal direction, marriage and pre-marriage counsel, restoring relationships and business counsel have been well received services of Living Perspectives since 1982.

Join Us in Pursuit of Our Purpose!   We invite you to become involved in changing lives.  Being a mentor will change your life as well as those with whom you work. Our training prepares you for coming along side those in need. You will blessed!

Contact Paul at Careerlife@msn.com to begin your journey.


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