Team Spirit…Another Approach

You got to love college sports fans and their passion.  Have you ever been part of the home team chant, “We’ve got spirit…how about you?” and then fans point fingers at the opponent’s grandstand ….. and then it comes right back at you from their side.  The challenges escalate with each round of challenge bringing a lot of noise and fun too. As a Seattle Seahawk fan, the noise generated by the fans (the 12th Man) is unbelievable at the CLink, their stadium, and definitely helped the team as they won their way to the Super Bowl.

For 2014 I want to start the yell rolling for some initiatives that can change the world….the poor, those without hope and a message of peace that Jesus brings in his walks.  Johnny Cash has a great song, “Man in Black” as he sings about concern and love for the downtrodden and the least among the nations.

This morning I spent an hour with men searching for answers in our homeless shelter. Tonight we will have a discussion around transition and change and the power of prayer.  Tomorrow a bible study and support for men in another shelter.  As we give support with job finding, relationship building and spiritual growth, we also know that the transforming love of Jesus will play a dramatic role in the lives of those who are seeking a better way.

But we need some fans and mentors in the stands and on the field.  This year my joy and fun will be starting with that cry, ” We got spirit for homeless men in Bellevue and the poor in Ethiopia….how about you.”  I will be pointing my finger looking for a few good men and couples to become mentors of some very neat guys going through life transitions in 3 different shelters.  We need a team with spirit and to be led by the Spirit to help these guys.  This is way better than a game, perhaps even the Hawks winning the Super Bowl (and yes, we are yelling for them too).

Training for mentors begins in February. Give me a call.  206.295.1820. Just ask for Paul

“We got spirit (the Spirit), how about you!!!”

About Paul

Paul has worked with hundreds of individual clients from executives to recent college graduates related to career transition and life coaching. Paul holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. He has written a book, How a Man Handles Conflict at Work. Paul founded (1991) the Career/Life Institute and provides coaching, organizational design and career transition serving clients ranging from large organizations to family owned enterprises. He served as a consultant to management teams, and had senior positions for Bank of America, Right Associates and CRISTA Ministries. His ministry outreach includes Poland, Romania, and 11 trips to Ethiopia. He volunteers for Congregations for the Homeless in Bellevue, WA.
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