Antidote for Fear – Power, Love, Discipline

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself”-Franklin Roosevelt. Pehaps you are facing a fear in your life right now? Is your fear situational (short term – a decision or confrontation); or has it been a lingering, long term issue (of failure, of success, of heights, of making major decision or financial security)? Sometimes our fear can include both.

Key Verse: For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid (fear), but gives us power, love and self-discipline (sound mind).

In delivering this one verse, I have seen multiple men and women inspired and encouraged to come out of darkness and in to the light of trusting God for overcoming their fear. This post is not about types of fear, but the victory we can have by truly trusting God.

One meaning for the word “fear” in this passage reads: “lack of courage to face danger.” Fear becomes our master and when not faced, separates us from God, from His answers and ultimately from fulfilled living. Fear thrives on perceived thoughts and misconceptions that are not based in reality.

How do the 3 key words in the verse lead to victory:

  • Power– Biblically defined this word means having ability, capacity, vigor, and strength to confront fear head on.  It is the belief that God always has an answer, and means, to solve the problem, to overcome our fear.….we must ask for that power & then trust–truly an act of courage.
  • Love   Trust that God loves you -this is an act of your will to choose to receive His love .  The apostle John states that “perfect love drives out fear.” Ask God to reveal his love through prayer, the Word and others and then begin to praise Him in all things. Anticipate, no expect, to receive Spirit directed strength.
  • Sound mind (or discipline) – Meaning behind the words include:  sense of purpose, rational thinking , humility and order out of chaos.  God gave us a mind to make decisions, to incorporate wisdom and to call on the Holy Spirit to face situations that cause our fear.  He has asked us to participate with Him in overcoming fear. Take a bold step to look at facts and some faulty assumptions associated with your fear.

These three words and concepts are based on reality. Much of fear is based on a lie (Satan’s counterfeit). Work through your fears with a friend, mentor, or professional counselor with liberal amounts of prayer and scripture.   If fear is not your thing, share this with someone you know is struggling and support their effort to break free from the bondage of fear.

Have a great day.





About Paul

Paul has worked with hundreds of individual clients from executives to recent college graduates related to career transition and life coaching. Paul holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. He has written a book, How a Man Handles Conflict at Work. Paul founded (1991) the Career/Life Institute and provides coaching, organizational design and career transition serving clients ranging from large organizations to family owned enterprises. He served as a consultant to management teams, and had senior positions for Bank of America, Right Associates and CRISTA Ministries. His ministry outreach includes Poland, Romania, and 11 trips to Ethiopia. He volunteers for Congregations for the Homeless in Bellevue, WA.
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