Be Strong & Courageous – God’s Plan for Victorious Living


This has been a great week.   On Thursday Jeanne and I were instrumental in teaching our 4 year old granddaughter to ride a bike (famously outlined in our Facebook page (paulNjeanne).  Grandma said she was brave which is “doing something when you are a little scared.”  Evie said, “Grandma, I was REALLY scared.”  And grandma said, “You were REALLY brave. Confidence instilled.

On Friday, granddaughter Avery took her drivers test in my Ford Focus. She had delayed because she had some anxiety (fear?) about passing.  I told her she had a week to do it because I bought a new car and was cancelling insurance on the Focus.  I told her there was no doubt in my mind of her success.  “Be brave.”  She passed with flying colors and a perfect parallel park. Her instructor had said she was one of the best he had trained.  Confidence restored.

On Saturday, I walked the Lake Washington High School track with Peter Kline as he did his 9 hour warm up for his 100 mile ultra in June running while pushing young people with disabilities. What a beautiful morning.

Marathon Complete

Parents of many of the potential riders pushed were often doubtful, even afraid, that running a marathon with Peter would be too stressful.  Peter assured parents that completing a marathon would be a blessing to them…and 20 marathons and 20 joyful riders proved Peter right. Confidence shared.

They were afraid — the Jewish leaders and the people-confidence lacking.  Fearful of entering the Promised Land after 40 years in the desert.  Why? some big bad dudes awaited them according to the scouting report.  But not Joshua and Caleb leading the expedition: well, may be a little bit.  But God said 3 times to Joshua: “Be strong & courageous because you are their leader;”  “Be strong & courageous but meditate on, and follow, the laws I have given you, and you will have success;” and “Be strong and courageous and don’t be discouraged because I am with you.”

Read the book of Joshua (Chapter 1) when confidence in God and self seems distant. I have referred many to this chapter, encouraged prayer, reading the Word and trusting that God has an answer because he will “never leave us nor forsake us.”  Do you believe this?

This is key verse No. 9 of 35 as we continue to celebrate 35 years in ministry.

Have a wonderful day.


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  1. Paul,

    I have nothing to say but PRAISE THE LORD!

    Well, almost nothing. This was a beautiful, uplifting thought. Thank you.


    There, I said it again.