What are your FTO scores?


What is FTO?  Faith/Trust/Obedience   These three words are key to producing spiritual fruit in our lives and the lives of others.  This is the first blog in a series of 4 addressing the impact of  FTO in our lives.  Definitions:

  • Faith-Strongly Held Belief/Conviction/Optimism/Confidence in someone or something; belief in God and in the doctrines of a religion
  • Trust-Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something confidence/certainty/assured reliability/depend or count on or be sure of  God’s role and character
  • ObedienceCompliance with an order, request, law or submission to another’s authority. Acquiescence/duty/deference/amenability. Simply, to hear, follow, trust, submit and surrender to God and His Word.

Faith is a confidence that God loves me though not seen. Confidence levels by individuals vary, of course. Trust is the willingness to act on that faith and often requires risk: initiating action to repair a relationship, changing a negative habit or starting to tithe.  Obedience is following the wisdom and directives found in the Owner’s Manual that God has given us in for productive living. (The bible).

How are you doing with each of the 3?  Lets make a scale:  8-10 says “I am doing very well.”  Lets say a 1-3 means “I am nowhere or really struggling.”    Today, what is your number for Faith; for Trust; for Obedience?  I can say that for me, keeping each of the FTOs in the upper range is a personal challenge on a daily basis as the world comes forward at a relentless pace.

The next 3 blogs will examine each of the three FTOs with key verses attached.

Have a great FTO day because God knows and loves you regardless of your FTO score!


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