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Dead Men Walking or Waking

Dead men walking. A difficult phrase but something I see in many of the homeless men that I work with in Bellevue, WA. Life seems to be sucked out of them especially those who are addicted, struggle with emotional issues, or … Continue reading

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One Mans Victory over Anger

Not every man who comes through the shelter ends in a success story.  And for many the definition of success depends on the person and the situation. David came through the shelter program at CFH  with the intent to change his … Continue reading

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Steve Roberts – A Servant Leader

This post is an update on the previous post about Steve Roberts.  Even though retired as Ex. Director for Congregations for the Homeless in Bellevue, WA, he continues to serve the men in the E. Puget Sound area.  Steve’s work … Continue reading

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Charging Toward the Gunfire and Giants

Have you ever been overpowered by circumstances?  My last blog spoke about Elijah being overpowered by just the threat of circumstances caused by Jezebel.  Moses sent a scout group to scope out the Promised Land before taking the people in.  … Continue reading

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April was a Downer

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Do you ever struggle with life? Are some days or months worse than others?  I didn’t write a blog in April due to travel, issues in my ministry with many people struggling–couples, business associates and the homeless men seeking to know … Continue reading

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Hope: A Chance or a Certainy Part I

Hope is a two-sided coin.  Hope and opportunity are linked much as a recent university graduate seeks a new life and career or a couple set a wedding date. On the other side are those finding themselves in a distress … Continue reading

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End of the World? Give Me a Break!

News flash: December–2012. Man goes crazy in Fall City, WA claiming the world is coming to an end.  Is 12.12.12 the end of the world per some ancient culture?   Y2K was going to be the end of the business cycle … Continue reading

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Discouraged?… Depressed?…..Look Up!

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My coaching practice involves guiding people to see the possibilities ahead instead of the obstacles…to steer the ship by the stars not by the wake. The Israelites in the desert, on the way to the Promised Land, encountered poisonous snakes … Continue reading

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